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North State Labor Federation


California Nurses Association


National Nurses United


Hillary Rodham Clinton


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Alex's insight and focus on providing housing to reduce the burden inappropriately placed on public safety personnel demonstrates the kind of innovative approach we need at the city level. I will be voting for Alex Brown this November, and encourage you to do the same. 

- Karl Ory | Council Member and former Mayor, City of Chico

Alex Brown brings the intelligence, qualifications, creativity, and energy that is needed at the city level. As impressed as I was to read her resume, it is her thoughtfulness and dedication to serving all members of this community that give me complete confidence in her ability to be the kind of leader we need on the Chico City Council. I look forward to voting for her, and to following her career in politics for years to come.

- Jane Dolan | Longest serving Butte County Supervisor (1978-2010)

Chico has suffered from politics of division and policies of exclusion. Our community has fractured and suffered as a result. Alex Brown has shown she knows how to find a path, or explore paths forward, that foster community well being. Whatever the solutions to the issues and problems facing Chico may be, I trust Alex with the learning, team building and leadership to help find them and achieve them. I ask you to trust her with your vote.  

- Andy Holcombe | Former Council Member & Mayor, City of Chico

Although I've only known Alex for a short time, I was immediately impressed with her breadth of knowledge and experience. Alex has the ability to communicate effectively and clearly, and will be an excellent addition to the Chico City Council.

-- Maureen Kirk | District 3 Butte County Supervisor

Alex is smart and understands the incredible strengths and challenges we have in our community. She is fair, thoughtful, and hardworking, and she will help our community come together to address the social service, arts, criminal justice, fiscal, and environmental issues we face. If you want to see a well-qualified person, who will bring needed new ideas to our community, join me in supporting Alex Brown for the Chico City Council.

- Sue Steiner, PhD | Professor at CSU, Chico

Alex embodies many characteristics that make a valuable and effective leader. Alex is intelligent, creative, hardworking, and an excellent communicator. Alex and I met through our shared interest of community service, and over the years we have worked together to improve the lives of others. I have seen Alex step up for her community and I know she will continue to be an advocate for all. Vote for Alex on November 6 for a new generation of leadership. 

- Ariel Ellis-Johnson | School Psychologist

After working with Alex Brown for many years on different projects for the community, I am proud to endorse her for City Council. Alex is a hard worker and an outstanding leader. She knows how to listen to everyone’s opinions and incorporate them so that they have a voice. She has shown that she cares for youth, helping them feel safe and respected in her work and community projects. She is  passionate about making Chico a better place for all.

- Sean Rubiolo | Student

As a local politician who values cooperation and collaboration, I enthusiastically endorse Alex Brown. I look forward to working with Alex to improve City/County relations and develop sustainable solutions to North State issues.

- Tami Ritter | District 3 Butte County Supervisor Elect

I am delighted to support a talented, young professional who will create positive change in our community. Alex's background in campus policy implementation, youth organizing, and creative leadership demonstrates she has the skills and ability to serve us well our next Chico City Council Member.  

- Ann Schwab | Council Member and former Mayor, City of Chico

Alex's experience working as an Administrator at Chico State has given her the ability to view the issues facing our city through a variety of perspectives. Her ability to navigate policy and politics at the university gives me full confidence in her ability to use those skills on the Chico City Council. I am happy to offer her my endorsement.

- Randall Stone | Council Member

I am thrilled to support Alex Brown and her campaign for City Council. Ms. Brown represents the new generation of leadership that our city needs. Her fresh perspective on the problems facing our community in the 21st century and her visionary set of proposals for meeting these challenges are exciting and inspiring. She has drawn many young people to her campaign, and her desire to help them find their way onto our local boards and commissions encourages me to work even harder to see this new wave of leaders at the front of the fight for our common future.

- Mark Stemen | Professor at CSU, Chico

Alex Brown managed to help me grow as an individual while simultaneously educating hundreds of Chico State students about interpersonal violence; an issue that is so prevalent on college campuses today. Alex believed in my professional and personal growth and helped me to develop facilitation skills, communication skills, and even emotional intelligence skills. I can confidently say that Alex will provide the Chico community with considerate, tireless leadership, just as she did for me! 

- Gemma Navarro | Student

Alex’s greatest asset is her passion. She goes above and beyond to fight for what she believes in. When she sets out to accomplish something or is working towards solving a problem, she looks at the big picture and creates solutions that are long lasting and ongoing. Alex understands the benefits of prioritizing prevention. She knows how to take action on community issues before a substantial amount of damage has been done. Alex is exactly what Chico needs to represent its community fiercely, and I endorse her for City Council.

- Mikey Kennedy | Student

Individual endorsements

  • Aaron Ellis-Johnson
  • Abe Baily
  • Alix MacDonald
  • Alyssa Tierney
  • Andrew Holcombe
  • Angela Cook
  • Ann Leon
  • Ann Schwab
  • Anna Moore
  • Archer Lombardi
  • Ariel Ellis-Johnson
  • Barbara Buchanan
  • Billie Kanter
  • Brian Ferdani
  • Brittney Moritz
  • Bruce McLean
  • Carla Dunham
  • Carol Meurer
  • Charlie Yarbrough
  • Cherianne Pollastrini
  • Cheryl King
  • Chris Nelson
  • Christy Santos
  • Dan Carter
  • Daniel Toms
  • Danita Jo Talbot
  • David Mosier
  • David Welch
  • Debbie Blake
  • Dennis Deromedi
  • Dilia Loe
  • Donna Humphrey
  • Douglas Calbreath
  • Ed Caldwell
  • Eddi Deromedi
  • Eileen Brownell
  • Elizabeth Devereaux
  • Elizabeth Goldblatt
  • Ellen Simon
  • Emily Alma
  • Emma Todd
  • Ernest Mead
  • Evalani Washington
  • Forest Harlan
  • Gail Clickner
  • Gene Anna & OJ McMillan
  • Grace Marvin
  • Heather Choy
  • Heather Schlaff
  • James P Aram
  • Jane Dolan
  • Jane Martin
  • Jasper Lerch
  • Jennifer Meadows
  • Jessica MacKenzie
  • Jim Peck
  • John Martin
  • Jon Ebeling
  • Jon Luvaas
  • Karen Avis
  • Karl Ory
  • Kate McCracken
  • Kate Scowsmith
  • Kate Transchel
  • Kathy Kaiser
  • Kathy Reed
  • Katie Salcido
  • Katy O'Bryan
  • Krista Stone
  • Laura Vercelli
  • Laurel Heath
  • Leslie Johnson
  • Linda Barker
  • Lisa Holeman
  • Liz George 

  • Logan Todd
  • Loree Monroe
  • Lupita Arim-Law
  • Maggie Hill
  • Marcia Moore
  • Mardi Worley
  • Margaret Brett-Turenne
  • Margaret Swick
  • Mark Herrera
  • Mark Stemen
  • Marsha Cohen
  • Mary and Richard Young
  • Maureen Kirk
  • Michael Ennis
  • Michael Gentry
  • Michael Goloff
  • Michael McGinnis
  • Michael Vance
  • Nancy Park
  • Naomi Beckman-Straus
  • Patricia Long
  • Patricia Ritter
  • Paul Friedlander
  • Paula Busch
  • Peggy Martindale
  • Penny Terstegge
  • Randall Stone
  • Rebecca Morris
  • Rebecca Rivera
  • Rebecca Shadd
  • Rena Duhl
  • Rich Ober
  • Risha Loushine
  • Rob Cossetta
  • Robert Caldwell
  • Robin Keehn
  • Sadie LaBriere
  • Sandy Goulart
  • Sarah Gamaza
  • Scott Huber
  • Sean Collins
  • Seth Derish
  • Sheri Simons
  • Sherry Bloker
  • Stephanie Chervinko
  • Steve Hackney
  • Steve O'Bryan
  • Sue Steiner
  • Susan Mason
  • Tam Le
  • Tamara Peters
  • Tami Ritter
  • Tanha Luvaas
  • Thomas Reed
  • Todd Hall
  • Tom and Michele Lando
  • Tom Tarman
  • Valerie Peck
  • Victor & Patricia Estrada
  • William Monroe
  • Zephyr Alfanash
  • Tiffany Pullyblank
  • Monica McDaniel
  • Wende Vercelli
  • Deborah Genito
  • Joan Leon
  • Regina Simpson
  • Sean Rubiolo
  • Gemma Nevarro
  • Mikey Kennedy 

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