Meet Alex

A History of Creative Leadership

Alex has been actively engaged in the Chico community since she arrived in 2008 to attend CSU, Chico. She has been involved in athletics and activism, and has played a key community leadership role in a variety of programs/projects. Alex earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Pyschology and Multicultural and Gender Studies in 2013, and immediately pursued and achieved a Master's Degree in Social Work at CSU, Chico. 

During her time as a student, Alex worked at Catalyst Domestic Violence Services as a prevention specialist for a brand new program dedicated to serving LGBTQ+ communities. She engaged youth in conversations about leadership, healthy relationships and well-being, and launched the first ever Youth Empowered Conference. She also cultivated relationships with local service providers and trained them in best practices for serving LGBTQ+ communities.

Alex was hired to re-launch another violence prevention program in 2015. As the Safe Place Advocate and Administrator at CSU, Chico, she redesigned and implemented a comprehensive violence prevention and response strategy that continues to grow today. She mobilized campus stakeholders and students to participate in violence prevention, and provided leadership in implementing policy in a strategic, trauma-informed, and effective way.

Alex supports local businesses as a marketing coordinator and social media expert. She has a direct experience understanding the challenges facing local businesses, and identifying creative solutions to addressing them through digital media and marketing strategy. Her business supports food and beverage, coffee, behavioral health, politics, and non-profit organizations throughout Chico.

As your City Councilmember, elected in November of 2018 and appointed to Vice Mayor in December of 2018, Alex is working hard to provide progressive leadership for the City of Chico. Since she was voted in to office, she has collaborated to bring a commitment to climate action, evidence-based strategies for addressing homelessness, sensible cannabis policy, housing policy, and more to our area.


A Background in Social Services

As a social worker, Alex has been involved in social services through direct service, prevention, and administrative perspectives. She has provided mental health services as a counselor for college students and youth, and worked as a crisis counselor and advocate for victims and survivors of dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

In addition to direct service experience with at-risk communities, Alex has a long history of involvement in prevention and wellness promotion efforts in Chico and Butte County. She has developed a variety of curricula for students, professionals, and volunteers, and has been actively engaged in policy implementation to address the needs of underserved campus and community populations.

Alex's background in service provision and prevention gives her a strong understanding of the resources in our community, the gaps in service that exist, and strategies for encouraging collaboration between various stakeholders in our community. 

Alex supported the first ever Running Brave Chico: Race to End Suicide as co-chair and liaison

Alex supported the first ever Running Brave Chico: Race to End Suicide as co-chair and liaison

A Passion for the Arts

Alex has been a musician and creative collaborator in Chico for over nine years. As a singer-songwriter, she is well connected to a community of artists that have made Chico a destination for music and other artistic expression. Alex has planned and  supported local arts events and fundraisers for the Chico Peace and Justice Center, Stonewall Alliance Center of Chico, Catalyst Domestic Violence Services, CSU, Chico Safe Place, CSU, Chico UMatter, and the Museum of Northern California Art.

As a digital marketer and social media manager for local businesses, Alex infuses each project with voice and creativity, using her background in the arts to elevate businesses and engage thoughtfully with customers and community members.

Alex performing music in support of Chico Pride weekend

Alex performing music in support of Chico Pride weekend

Experience with an impact

Alex developed & led social media strategy for Tami Ritter's campaign for Butte County Supervisor.

Campus Policy Development & Implementation

As a leader on the Title IX Oversight Committee and Trauma Informed Campus Task Force, Alex saw the direct impacts of policy implementation on organizational culture, service provision, and allocation of resources. This experience will directly influence her ability to understand the issues we face as a community and the development of policies that will move us forward strategically and effectively.

Campaign Leadership

Alex was a leading team member during Tami Ritter's successful campaign for Butte County Supervisor. Being closely involved in a successful campaign not only prepares Alex to be thoughtful and effective in her own campaign, but has given Alex a deep understanding of the policy issues impacting Butte County and the best data and resources available to address these issues.

Community Collaboration

Alex's history of bridging gaps between stakeholders and service providers will support her ability to view issues through a range of lenses and work to find solutions that benefit the majority of individuals impacted by them.


Understanding of Community Resources

Understanding the services available in our community is one step toward addressing gaps in service provision and promoting collaboration between services. Alex's knowledge of our county will enable her to be thoughtful in supporting policies that allow the experts to lead efforts to improve the issues impacting us.

Support for Local Businesses

Local business is the heart of our community's vibrancy and economy. Alex's connection to businesses and her understanding of the business landscape will aid her in making informed decisions that prioritize local commerce and homegrown industry.

Additional Involvement

· October 2010: Recipient, Jen O'Hare Women's Studies Scholarship

· September 2011-May 2012: Women’s Program Intern, Gender and Sexuality Equity Center

· April 2012-September 2015: Chico Pride Youth Coordinator

· February 2012-September 2015: Domestic Violence Crisis Counselor

- May 2015: Recipient, California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) Student Research Award

· May 2015: Recipient, Lavender Graduation Outstanding Graduate Student Award

· October 2015-July 2017: Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor

· 2013-2015: Chair, Youth Empowered Conference Planning Committee

· 2013: Founder, Youth Empowered Conference

· 2015-2016: Chair, CSU, Chico Green Dot Implementation Team

· 2015-2017: Member, CSU, Chico Title IX Oversight Committee

· 2016-2017: Member, CSU, Chico Trauma Informed Campus Task Force

· 2016: Member, CSU Systemwide Student Sanction Task Force

· 2016-2017: Member, Campus Advocates and Prevention Professionals Association (CAPPA)

· 2015-2017: Member, Butte County Sexual Assault Response Team

· 2015-2017: Chair, Safe Place Advisory Board 

· 2016-2017: Member, Gender and Sexuality Equity Center Advisory Board

· 2017-2018: Social Media Manager, Tami Ritter for Supervisor


View Alex's CV

You may view and download Alex's CV below, and she would be happy to discuss her qualifications and history with you. If you have questions about Alex's background or experience, contact her.

Alex Brown Resume 2018 (pdf)