Meet Our Team

Running a successful campaign means collaborating with leaders in our community who have a passion for making an impact. We are proud of the team of individuals who work tirelessly toward Alex's mission of bringing creativity, innovation, and progressive values back to the Chico City Council. Meet Alex's campaign team in Chico and beyond.

Angela Cook - Campaign Manager & Treasurer


One week after the completion of managing a winning campaign for Tami Ritter for Supervisor, I was approached by Alex Brown about being involved in her campaign for Chico City Council. I have such confidence in Alex and her ability to be a tremendous asset to the City of Chico that it was an easy “YES!”

Alex was a core part of Tami Ritter’s campaign team and very successfully managed our social media strategy and platforms. Alex was accessible, responsive, creative in her problem solving, confident and very talented. As the Campaign Manager, I felt extremely fortunate to have her on our team and I credit her work with having a very positive impact on the outcome of the campaign.

It was obvious to me during Tami’s campaign that Alex is a person who is going places. Her intelligence, her savvy, her ability to relate to and communicate with others from diverse backgrounds, her level-headed and thoughtful nature are all traits I admire and respect and believe to be essential in a well-respected political figure. I am excited about this campaign and about Alex’s continued contributions to our community.

Alex Brown - Digital Marketing & Graphic Design

I am your candidate for Chico City Council, but I am also a marketer and social media expert. Naturally, I want to put these skills to good use during my campaign.

With the mentorship of my advisors and campaign team, I am managing my own digital marketing strategy, including branding, social media outlets, many of my event graphics, my web presence, and copywriting. Additionally, any nature photograph you see on my website, I have taken.

I am excited to use the skills I've gained in the marketing field and the arts, and this is one of many creative outlets that  keeps me thinking outside the box.

Danita Jo - Marketing and Public Relations Advisor

I am a career marketer who uses my superhero powers online and offline, keeping an organizational focus on audience engagement and betterment.  Leading and advising as Chief Marketing Officer in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors has given me the opportunity to connect brands, big and small, to the community.

As my professional path crossed with Alex Brown, I've known her to be a creative problem solver who rallies and leads a cross-functional team unifying their collective skills and passion to make a greater impact in the community.  Her collaborative style of leadership is key in making sustainable changes needed by the local community.  With enthusiasm I offer my skills and my support of Alex and look forward to adding more voices to the conversation.

Tami Ritter - Primary Campaign Advisor

In 2017, Alex was referred to me as a potential Social Media Manager for my campaign for Butte County Supervisor. I was immediately impressed with her ability to hear an idea then synthesize the information I wanted to convey into a coherent and engaging social media message. Alex's professionalism was immediately apparent and she became a key team member of my successful campaign.

While Alex is a consummate professional, it is her deep understanding of local issues and her personal and community values which truly set her apart as a candidate. I admire and appreciate Alex for stepping up to the tireless challenge of running for office and I am thrilled to have a strong woman candidate to vote for in November. Alex's passion for social justice, equality, and collaboration is sorely needed on our city council and I am honored to be a member of her campaign team. 

Kate Scowsmith - Events Coordinator

I am a Masters graduate of the Social Work program at California State University, Chico. I also earned my M.A. in Women and Gender Studies at the University of York in Northern England and my B.A. at University of California, Davis in the same subject. Currently, I am a medical social worker at a local home health agency in Chico, and a diligent advocate for improving the human condition. I have lived in Butte County for over ten years and am proud to call this beautiful area my home. 

While at Chico State, I had the opportunity to work with Alex Brown on several campus projects that allowed me to see Alex’s dynamic, informed and compassionate approach to leadership. Alex brings an exciting and fresh energy to projects, and is impeccable with her word. She is an efficient communicator and is thoroughly committed to improving people’s lives through practical, empathetic means. 

Alix Macdonald - Campus Outreach Coordinator

I am new to Chico, relocating here from Indiana in October 2017 to accept a position as the Safe Place Advocate Administrator at California State University, Chico. My biggest passion is providing interpersonal violence advocacy and prevention education to youth and young adults. Before moving to Chico, I worked in the Outreach program of a dual domestic violence and rape crisis non-profit, coordinating sexual assault services. 

I am so excited to support Alex's campaign because I think it is empowering and impactful for young people to run for office. I joined Alex's team because she truly lives her values - she is honest, supportive, humble, and extremely creative in problem solving. She is a great candidate, and I am humbled and honored to support her through this campaign. 

Jane Martin - Standard Media Coordinator

I became a part of the Chico political scene when I joined the sit-in to close First Street through campus in 1970. At that time the city council was made up of all men and was as conservative as the local newspaper which endorsed them. In 1973 we launched the first

grassroots council campaign and two young, liberal candidates were elected. City busses, community health care and child care were among the successes that improved the quality of life for all. It has been a tug of war between conservative and progressive candidates since. I have worked numerous political campaigns and know how important it is to have the right people in office.

I truly believe Alex will be a great addition to the Chico City Council and am excited to be part of her election team. She will help move the council toward thoughtful and workable

solutions to the problems that face us today. Her vitality and commitment, experience and education will help make Chico progressive again!

Regina Simpson - Volunteer Coordinator

I've lived in Chico since the late 1990's and have worked at Chico State Human Resources in various capacities since 2001. Both my children were raised here and my son lives here with his family, so love for Chico runs in our family! While my passion in life is focused on family and friends, the people that I admire most are those who work toward social justice. Alex Brown is just such a person. 

I met Alex when she was a Master's student at Chico State when we were both on the Title IX Committee. I greatly admired Alex's poise and quiet assertiveness in speaking her mind and making her point among a group of smart and experienced administrators. When she graduated and then became a valued employee, I got to see her in action as a violence prevention expert and was even more impressed.

I am very excited to be a part of Alex's campaign. She is an amazing person who will be an asset to the Chico City Council. Alex has the ability to get her point across while working toward consensus; skills and qualities that are greatly needed on the Chico City Council.

Dan Carter - Video Production

 We are proud to have Dan's expertise on this campaign as videographer. He has produced videos for a variety of projects and campaigns, and has offered creative perspective and skill to develop Alex's campaign and policy priority videos.


Alex's team of experienced advisors keeps her informed about the issues that matter most to our city

  • Tami Ritter: Primary Campaign and Issues Advisor
  • Mark Stemen: Sustainability Advisor
  • Todd Hall: Arts & Culture Advisor
  • Jessica Mackenzie: Cannabis Policy Advisor

More Supporters

Special mentions for other very important team members

  • Ange Bledsoe: Baker, home cook and tech guru
  • Katie Salcido-Day: Campaign liaison
  • Aaron Johnson: Photographer
  • Stacy Nguyen: Brand Designer (Logo and Lawn Signs)
  • Ellen Falltrick: Billboard Design and Social Media Support

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